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Portable Acetylene Generator

H-Type Acetylene Generator

Portable acetylene generator works on the water to carbide principle of generating acetylene gas. Our Portable Acetylene generators follow international safety standards.

The unit consists of a Generator Tank which contains two gas producing chambers. Each containing a carbide tray.

The Acetylene gas generated by the chemical reaction between Calcium Carbide and Water. Water passes upwards through a pipe fitted with a nonreturn ball valve into the Generator Tank. Through a filter and a shut-off valve and a non-return valve gas enters the bottom of the flash-back arrestor. From here the gas further passes through the Pressure-Regulator to the Gas outlet cock to which the welding hose is connected.

FEATURES of Portable acetylene generator

  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Automatic Operation for Carbide to Waster Mixing
  • Factory-Fitted Pressure Relieve Valves and Check Valves
  • Flash Back Arrestors
  • Eliminates Acetylene Waste as Every Cubic Meter produced is used up
  • Eliminates Cylinder Renting Costs
  • Can Be Operated & Maintained without Extensive Technical Knowledge

Advantages of acetylene generator

Modern- Plant is designed with standard Safety models.

Economical- High Acetylene Gas Yields.

Compact- The plant Doesn’t required any bulky gas holder system.

Efficient– Compact design with Standard Operation controls all plant parameters.

Safe- The System is fitted with Mechanical safety values for additional safety feature.

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Specifications of Generator

Diameter of Generator Tank730 mm
Overall Height1600 mm
Maximum Width1200 mm
Approximate Empty Weight250 Kgs
Capacity of Each Carbide Tray12.5 Kg (25/50 mm size)
Gas Output per charge per tray3125 to 3375 Litres depending upon the size & quality of carbide.
Maximum Working Pressure1.5 kg/cm²
Brass FittingsLess than 70% copper
Safety Valve Adjustment1.65 Kg/cm²
Flow Rate Maximum Standard3.25 Cubic Meter/hr.
Relevant Indian StandardIS – 8471 (Part IV) – 1977.


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