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Nitrous Oxide Plant

Safe and economical. The Nitrous Oxide plant is a plant with an efficient Generation system which reduces power consumption and adds on to safety.

Nitrous Oxide is produced by thermal decomposition. Heating of Ammonium Nitrate to 250 degrees releases Nitrous Oxide & steam.

The steam is then purified by various processes. After which the gas is stored in cylinders with the help of a compressor.

Components of nitrous oxide plant

Melter and Reactor

Decomposition of ammonium nitrate in water can start at  210°C . It would take a long time to reach the thermal set point around 255°C . So to accelerate the starting process the ammonium nitrate solution is heated in the reactor to approximately 240°C.

Nitrous oxide Condenser

Leaving the reactor, water is saturated and passes through a condenser for its removal.

The condensed water contains ammonium nitrate and nitric acid and should be reused. It should be purified before discharge.

Purification towers 

The gas leaving the condenser contains impurities. Which are produced by decomposition of the ammonium nitrate. The purification is carried out in absorption towers by washing the gas in a closed circuit

Moisture Separator

Gas from Purification Towers has condensate moisture that can be extracted in Moisture Separator


Product is fed to the compressor directly to A Three stage non lubricated reciprocating compressor. This  increases the Nitrous Oxide pressure up-to working pressure . Cooling coils and condensate traps are located at each stage. The entire assembly of the compressor, with its coils and traps, is submerged in water for maximum cooling of the Nitrous Oxide gas.

Drying unit

The drying unit removes by adsorption the water vapour from the compressed gas.

High Pressure Storage

Nitrous oxide is Stored in six number of pressure vessels  or pressure tanks at a pressure of 15 Bars for buffer for liquefaction unit.

Liquefaction Unit

The nitrous oxide is liquefied by a refrigerant at temperatures down to  –20°C

Cylinder Filling Ramp

Charging of the cylinders can be accomplished as per user requirement. Cylinder filling ramps are split in 2 Pcs each ramp of 5 to 50 point installed with safety instruments and tail pipe for filling to cylinders and are mounted over MS Ramp.

Nitrous Oxide Plant


Easy Installation

Nitrous Oxide Plant arrives on skids pre-piped. Even in the most inclement or freezing Weather, installation is simpler because of minimum on-site assembly.

Safety of plant

Safe operation is the most important feature of Our plants. flame arresters and reverse flow check valves provide unequalled protection in the cylinder filling process. 


With the same high Nitrous Oxide yield as other our plants are more compact, and less costly than larger capacity plants.


Our plant requires less space than any competitive model of the same capacity. 

Local filling

reduces the need for additional cylinders as fast refill increases the effective use of cylinders 

Plant Efficiency
Cost Efficient plant
Delivery time
Fastest Delivery on custom acetylene plants
Plant Safety
Considered as the safest plant in the industry
Ease of operation
Fully Automatic for your convenience
Plant Durability
We are proud to have the most durable plants in the industry