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High pressure air

High pressure air or zero is air kept under a pressure that is greater than atmospheric pressure. Zero air is an important medium for transfer of energy in industrial processes. Compressed air is used for power tools such as air hammers, drills, wrenches and others. High pressure air is used to atomize paint, to operate air cylinders for automation, and can also be used to propel vehicles. Brakes applied by compressed air made large railway trains safer and more efficient to operate. Compressed air brakes are also found on large highway vehicles.

What is the use of High Pressure air? 

High pressure air is used as a breathing gas by underwater divers. It may be carried by the diver in a high pressure diving cylinder, or supplied from the surface at lower pressure through an air line or diver’s umbilical. 

Similar arrangements are used for breathing apparatus by firefighters, mine rescue workers, and industrial workers in hazardous environments. 

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