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Oxygen and Nitrogen Gas Plant

Air Separation Plant

We manufacture and export fully automatic oxygen gas plant for cylinder filling with the latest cryogenic distillation technology for high purity oxygen and nitrogen production. The oxygen cylinder filling plants are optimized for efficiency and reliability with our world –class designing. Our engineers have innovated cryogenic process that increases production efficiency and power consumption.

Our nitrogen cylinder filling plants are fully automated and consume less power needing minimum maintenance. It is also equipped with a digital display panel that continuously checks out purity of oxygen and shuts if there is a drop in purity. It can also run remote diagnostic check up of the entire plant to see if the plant is working efficiently.

Components of Air sepAration plants

Description : Medium capacity oxygen gas plant is manufactured using stainless steel column for production of high purity oxygen and nitrogen. It is used for filling high pressure oxygen/nitrogen gas in cylinders/bottles via a liquid pump for medical as well as industrial applications.


  1. Simultaneous production of oxygen and nitrogen both as gas and liquid.
  2. Filling of oxygen /nitrogen by liquid oxygen pump.
  3. 100% leak-proof stainless steel column.
  4. highly efficient Expansion Engine, which helps rapid and adequate cooling.
  5. No bulky gas holder required.
  6. Plants layout, foundation drawings for easy and economical installation.
  7. Minimum percentage of Oxygen is lost through waste Nitrogen to achieve optimum production.
  8. High standard of purity of gases.

Main Equipments of Oxygen GAS Plant

Oxygen Purity
Most efficient plant 99.6%
Plant Safety
Considered as the safest plant in the industry
Ease of operation
Fully Automatic for your convenience
Plant Durability
We are proud to have the most durable plants in the industry