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Acetylene plant: Advance Acetylene Production

Acetylene plants are used in various industries for the production of acetylene gas. The plants are designed to obtain the highest carbide yield and efficiency. Plants are compliant with international standards. Each component is carefully engineered to meet the customer’s requirements.

The acetylene plant is constructed and inspected with a best practice policy that meets the intent of design principles and manufacturing practices from Section VIII of the ASME codes. It is also designed for NFPA 51A: “Standards for Acetylene Charging Plants ”.

Components of acetylene plants

Acetylene Generator

The Generator has temperature safety instrument, water inlet control, high water shutoff, low water level alarm, automatic carbide feeding, automatic residue discharge, and over pressurization safety relief valves. A Double hopper automatically feeds the carbide in the generator.

  • Temperature Control
  • High-Pressure Control
  • Water Level Control
  • No Loss-Carbide Control
Acetylene Cooler Condenser

The acetylene gas passes through a cooler condenser. That lower the temperature with help of cross flow cooling water.

Low Pressure Drier

The acetylene gas then passes through a low-pressure drier. To remove water that get trapped during carbide reaction.

Acetylene Purifier

The gas passes through a purifier to remove impurities. The purifier assists in removing impurities.

Ammonia Scrubber

The ammonia scrubber removes 99% of the ammonia.  Thus preventing formation and clogging of flame arresters and cylinders.

Acetylene Compressor

A 3 stage compressor increases the acetylene pressure. Cooling coils and condensate traps are located at each stage. Coils and traps are submerged in water to cool the acetylene gas.

High Pressure Driers

The high pressure driers remove moisture and oil. The gas then flows through a special filter, flame arrester, and a back pressure valve. Then is directed to the manifold. Where every station valve is protected with a flame arrester. A flame arrester, reverse flow check valves, and handwheel connections are on the end of the pigtail at the cylinder.

Precautions when making the Acetylene Plant building (As per PESO guidelines):

A safety zone of 15 m. all around the Acetylene Plant from other buildings should be provided. And a minimum of 9 m. from any slurry pit.

A separate acetone godown should be constructed that must have 9 m. all around.

A distance of 90 m. must be maintained from any Oxygen Plant.

All non-flame and explosion-proof switches must be provided separately in an enclosure away from the Acetylene Plant building.

No flammable material should be used for the construction of the Acetylene Plant building.

Both the acetone godown and calcium carbide store as well as the Acetylene Plant building should be well ventilated with ventilators on the roof as well as ground level. All ventilators must be protected with noncorrosive, galvanized mesh, with a minimum gauge of 11 mesh to the linear cm. Covers should be provided on the ventilators so that rainwater may not enter through these openings.

All electrical wiring should be of low voltage in the Acetylene Plant premises. Electrical lines must not cross or run in the same trench used for conveying water or steam or acetylene.

Acetylene Plant Efficiency
Most efficient plant 99.8%
Delivery time
Fastest Delivery on custom acetylene plants
Plant Safety
Considered as the safest plant in the industry
Ease of operation
Fully Automatic for your convenience
Acetylene Plant Durability
We are proud to have the most durable plants in the industry

Advantages of our acetylene plant

  1. Capacity ranging from 25cum/hour to 400cum/hr
  2. Acetylene gas plants are of robust design for trouble-free working
  3. No bulky gas holder required
  4. Automatic controls for feeding water
  5. Maintaining temperatures, pressures, and slurry drain are full proof, efficient, and are of international standard
  6. Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders
  7. No gas loss and high yield
  8. Very simple and safe to operate
  9. Low power consumption
  10. Low maintenance cost

ACetylene gas Plant Models


Capacity: 15-30 cu.meter/hr


Capacity: 31-50 cu.meter/hr


Capacity: 51-100 cu.meter/hr


Capacity: 101-200 cu.meter/hr

About Acetylene Gas Plants

An Acetylene Plant, also known as an Acetylene Generator, is an essential tool used in the production of Ethyne. It is specifically designed to maximize the yield of acetylene from calcium carbide while achieving high levels of efficiency.

Our Acetylene Plants are constructed and inspected with the best practice policies that meet the intent of design principles and manufacturing practices from Section VIII of the ASME codes. They are also designed to comply with the NFPA 51A: “Standards for Acetylene Charging Plants.”

Acetylene, which is produced from our plants, is widely used in various industries as a cutting gas due to its high temperature of up to 3500 degrees Celsius.

Our Acetylene Plants are manufactured using complete in-house know-how, with every part carefully designed by experienced engineers, accurately made and carefully inspected before assembly. Each unit undergoes continuous performance testing after assembly to ensure optimal functionality.

Our advanced Acetylene Plant design incorporates several unique features that are not commonly found in other generators, enabling us to attain the highest efficiency in the world. The plants are fully automatic with twin hoppers, and all operations are performed by pneumatically controlled valves, assisted by highly sensitive sensors integrated with temperature control instruments that open the water inlet valve or residue drain valve.

Two pneumatic-operated cylinders help to open and close the feed of calcium carbide, which is fed into the Acetylene generator by screw feed conveyors. The screw feed mechanism and the agitator are operated by flame-proof motors and fittings. The entire operation is perfectly synchronized to provide maximum efficiency and simplicity in the operation of the Acetylene plant.

Our Acetylene Plants are designed with utmost safety in mind. The auto controls, flashback arrestors, high-pressure reverse flow check valves, safety valves, and complete visual gauging protect both equipment and personnel. In case of any failure, whether it is of the power supply, water, instruments, or the air, it is signaled visually as well as audibly with the onboard alarm to alert the acetylene plant operator.

Choose our Acetylene Plant for your production needs, and experience the highest efficiency and safety standards in the world.