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Acetylene Plant

Acetylene Plant: How it works

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Acetylene plant: how it works Acetylene plants are manufactured with complete in-house know-how to produce acetylene gas. Every part has been carefully designed and inspected by experienced engineers. Each unit, after assembly, is charged and worked continuously to check its performance. You are, therefore, assured of an efficient and dependable… Read More »Acetylene Plant: How it works

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Acetylene Gas & it’s Uses

Acetylene forms an important part of many crucial processes in industries. Although the current uses of acetylene are few, the scope is not limited. In-depth research is being conducted in this regard to ensure utilization of this resource in the most beneficial manner possible. Acetylene is an important natural gas that is put to various uses

Acetylene Generator Hopper


Our Acetylene Generator is a “Continuous Flow” type. When the carbide contents of the hopper are exhausted, (the other hopper automatically goes into operation, carrying the load) the empty hopper can be refilled during the time the gas in the generator is being used. In this way continuous service is maintained conveniently and safely. No shutdown operations at recharging period means that you save both labour and time. The Generator may be started or stopped as and when required.

Acetylene Gas torch used in welding

Why is acetylene used in welding?

The combination of oxygen and acetylene to cut metals has been in use since approximately 1906. Over the years, acetylene has earned a recognition as one of the safest, yet strongest welding gas. But, there is a rising misconception that propane is a better welding gas than acetylene. This post shares differences between these gases and discusses the benefits offered by acetylene gas in detail.

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Why you should rebuilt your acetylene compressors

When it comes to compressed gas products, many business owners and managers prefer buying new ones. Many times, this is due to a gap in their understanding of the benefits of the rebuilding process or even that rebuilt units are available. What are these benefits? What does a compressor rebuilding involve? This post discusses how a rebuilt acetylene gas compressor can be an asset to a business.