Industrial Gas Application in Medical Industry

Medical gases fall within the definition of drugs and as such must be treated as pharmaceutical products. Medical oxygen U.S.P., as well as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, nitrous oxide, and many gas mixtures, are pharmaceutical products and must be manufactured and supplied to pharmaceutical standard.

Providing excellence in health care services is what our customers do best. Providing excellence in medical gases is what WE do best. Our partnership will help your healthcare facility team to understand the appropriate responsibilities for handling medical gases and passing compliance audits. This can help you to avoid interruptions in patient care.

Customized Solutions to Increase Convenience and Reduce Costs

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), Integrated Delivery Networks, Owned Systems and Individual Buyers alike count on OUR Medical Gases for cost-effective solutions to their medical gases needs. We offer the most complete line of medical gases in both reusable and non-reusable cylinders, and our knowledgeable sales professionals can offer customized services and programs to meet your facility’s particular needs. The convenience of one-stop shopping is another way we help customers contain costs. WE maintain strategic partnerships with leading allied health care suppliers. This single-source vendor solution simplifies procurement with a single point of contact - and less paperwork - for all your medical gases, manifolds, regulators, cryo-preservation systems, and other equipment needs.