Industrial Gas Application in Laboratories

If your search for quality laboratory gases seems just as endless, let us help put an end to your quest. We offer the broadest range of special gases for research and development applications in industrial and scientific laboratories.

Purity, accuracy, and stability of cylinder gases are critical in laboratory applications. Even the slightest impurities can produce inaccuracies in analytical results, interfering with basic research, product development, and sample testing.

Today's instruments offer a degree of analytical accuracy unprecedented in science. Computer software can interpret, analyze, and graph this data faster and more precisely than ever. Your results can be superior. With us, impurities in laboratory gases won't put your analyses in jeopardy.

Chromatography Carrier and Support Gases

We provide high-purity carrier and support gases for optimal functioning of your gas chromatographic systems. The use of high-purity carrier gases bypasses the need for expensive and unpredictable in-line purifiers, which often demonstrate the breakthrough of contaminants.

Instruments whose accuracy can be enhanced through the use of our special gases include discharge ionization detectors, electron capture detectors, flame ionization detectors, flame photometric detectors, and HECD and HALL® ELCD electrolytic conductivity detectors. Our special gases are also used in helium ionization detectors, mass spectrometers, photoionization detectors, thermal conductivity detectors, and ultrasonic detectors.

Laboratory Gas Mixtures

In addition to pure gases, we provide a wide range of precision gas mixtures for the calibration of instrumentation in scientific laboratories.

The company has a worldwide network of modern, fully instrumented special gas plants where customer mixture requirements are precisely blended and accurately analyzed. Our advanced production techniques ensure a thorough mixing of all components and the reproducibility of mixtures. Certified analytical accuracy is guaranteed in every cylinder.

We will custom blend mixtures using customer defined source product purities. Complete impurity or specific impurity analysis can be provided upon request. We offer a full line of mixtures to fit any analytical requirement and lab budget, from unanalyzed mixtures for non-critical applications, to high-accuracy analytical mixtures.

Full Service Supplier

In addition to offering a complete line of gases and equipment to satisfy the needs of the R&D professional, WE offer additional services to support our customers.