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Design, fabrication, supply, installation and operation of gas plants and gas distribution systems

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Acetylene Plant

The Acetylene Plants from International Industrial Gases Limited are of indigenous manufacture. Every part has been carefully designed by experienced engineers. These parts are made of the best material. Every part has been accurately made and carefully inspected before assembly. Each unit, after assembly, is charged and worked continuously to check its performance. You are, therefore, assured of an efficient and dependable acetylene plant. This Acetylene Plant from IIGAS is of an advanced design, incorporating several features not ordinarily found in other generators. This one is a fully automatic plant with twin hoppers (and needs an operators' attention for only ten minutes in an hour). All operations are performed by pneumatically controlled valves, assisted by highly sensitive sensors, integral with the temperature control instruments. These, in turn, open the water inlet valve or residue drain valve etc. Two hydraulic pumps help to open and close the supply of calcium carbide. This is fed into the generator by screw feed conveyors. The screw feed mechanism and the agitator are operated by flame-proof motors and fittings. .

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Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant

Safe and economical, the IIGAS Oxygen Plant, with an efficient expansion engine, lowers operating pressures to a remarkable 30 kg/cm2, cuts power consumption and adds to safety. IIGAS Plants are supplied with very efficient reciprocating four-stage air compressor, which consumes low power. IIGAS Oxygen Plants are supplied with a specially designed highly efficient cascade cooler, which eliminates the need for chilling unit and saves on recurring maintenance and power cost. A Molecular sieve Battery drier unit for separation of moisture and carbon dioxide is another money saving device in the IIGAS plant. It removes acetylene and other hydrocarbons from the process air, thus eliminating the need for separate acetylene absorbers, and moreover it eliminates recurring caustic soda costs. Capable of simultaneously producing oxygen and High purity nitrogen, the IIGAS plant has an internal compression liquid oxygen pump to fill dry gaseous oxygen in cylinders. The plant can also be fitted with a separate liquid Nitrogen pump to fill dry Nitrogen directly into cylinders. Plants to produce liquid Oxygen/ Nitrogen can also be offered. We also undertake supervision of Installation and Commissioning of the plant. Salient features of Oxygen / Nitrogen plants

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Industies Served

WE have historically focused on our geographic strengths, building relationships in the countries that we serves. Recent changes have turned the organization outwards, to focus more upon our customers and their needs. OUR orientation is now toward markets, encouraging product and process innovation world-wide. Whilst needing to retain local strengths, there are global markets emerging which can best be served by an organization with world-wide capability. Global customers expect to do business with US on a global basis, and we are focused on a number of global market sectors to pursue the objectives of customer focus and global effectiveness..

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