Heat Exchanger

We developed a shell & tube heat exchanger for every process during which energy is released. Whether it is a question of a gas, a liquid or a sediment substance, with its sophisticated concept we are able to design and produce a high-yield heat exchanger. We are the leader in the field of designing and manufacturing shell & tube heat exchangers in all kinds of special materials according to international standards. Several decades of experience and meticulous improvements of its production methods have made us the specialists in building heat exchangers for specific applications such as high pressure (1000 Bar), corrosive environment and temperatures ranging from -196 up to to more than 800 °C.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

With over 50 years' experience in heat transfer has designed, produced and has installed their first air-cooled coolers since 1950. Proof of our experience lies in the great variety of our design. This flexibility ensures optimum adaptability to pressure, temperature and capacity demands, product, environment and pay-out time requirements. The complicated and time-consuming calculations that are indispensable to obtain optimum results, can be performed quickly and faultlessly by us.

Air Cooled Cooler

Air-cooled A-frame condenser systems are used for condensing steam. They operate successfully in large power plants as well as in small condenser systems for waste incineration installations and compressor drives in every climatic zone of the world.

During the production of electrical energy a lot of heat has to be rejected from vacuum steam. Due to environmental restrictions cooling by ground or surface water is no longer permitted. Cooling directly with ambient air is a suitable alternative, but generates a number of specific problems. The air-cooled A-frame condenser solves all these problems.