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Cryogenic Liquid Container

Liquefied gases are used in a wide range of applications, including metal processing, medical technology, electronics, water treatment, energy generation, and the food industry. Today, more and more of these industrial gases are being delivered to customers in liquid form at cryogenic temperatures, enabling them to be stored on site for later use. We offer cryogenic tanks for the following liquefied gases:

  • Liquid nitrogen (LIN)
  • Liquid argon (LAR)
  • Liquid oxygen (LOX)
  • Liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2)
  • Liquid hydrogen (LH2)
  • Liquid natural gas (LNG)
  • Liquid nitrous oxide (LN2O)

The tanks range in capacity from 1,000 to > 100,000 liters and come with standardized working pressures of 18, 22, or 36 bar respectively.
Our tanks can be used for a wide range of applications. They are standardized to ensure smooth distribution logistics and cost-efficient series production.
Each tank is vacuum-insulated and can be delivered as a vertical or horizontal installation. The inner vessels and piping are made of stainless steel to ensure high-grade cleanliness – particularly important for the food and electronics industry. The outside shell is specially coated and a vacuum-perlite system with a molecular sieve adsorbent is applied to ensure outstanding insulation.