Compressor Rebuild Service

The acetylene compressor is one of the most important components in an acetylene plant. Even smaller mechanical faults in compressors may cost time, and productivity. As a reliable compressor reconditioning services expert, IIGAS helps its clients to sustain their productivity with its comprehensive compressor rebuild services for its own brand of compressors. If your IIGAS compressor part has a potential to be made "new", we can make it happen with our experience and expertise.
Features of IIGAS’S Compressor Rebuild Services
Many customers fear that a reconditioned compressor may never work the same, if it incurs any mechanical fault. At IIGAS, our reconditioning experts with their unrivalled technical knowledge, and experience prove that perspective wrong. A compressor reconditioning project proceeds in the following way:

  • Removal of Component Parts: As a first step of reconditioning, all critical parts are removed.

  • Visual Inspection: All removed parts are visually inspected for the signs of wear and tear. This step helps us understand the type of repair needed.