Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is not manufactured by IIGL but is normally recovered for industrial purposes from flue gases or as a by-product of ammonia or hydrogen production. It is unusual in that it only exists as a liquid under pressure and normally sublimes as a gas straight from its solid form.

Like a number of other gases, carbon dioxide's inert qualities make it useful for preventing or suppressing combustion or oxidization. Its major use, however, is as a refrigerant or cooling agent. Solid carbon dioxide at -80°C is, like liquid nitrogen, used for chilling and freezing in the food industry.

The gas dissolves easily in water, making the resultant solution slightly acidic. As a result, it is often used to balance the pH of water in preference to the addition of mineral acids. Its solubility also makes it a chosen method for putting the "fizz" into drinks of all kinds.

Key Properties

Heavier than air, freezes to a solid at atmospheric pressure, liquefies under pressure, chemically acidic and water-soluble, does not support combustion.


  • Food freezing, chilling and refrigeration
  • Fire suppression
  • Alkali neutralization, waste treatment
  • Mould setting
  • Inert gas pressurization
  • Beverage carbonation
  • Tobacco expansion
  • Oil well recovery
  • Plant growth
  • Carrier gas for deodorants, odorants, pesticides.