Calibration Gases

We possesse the facility to produce any stable non explosive mixture of gases or gaseous vapors with any concentration within the permissible limits of Physics and Chemistry. IIGL also produces liquid mixtures pressurized by an inert gas. Calibration mixtures play a crucial role in many industries including steel, chemical, mining, petrochemical, electricity generation, gas, environmental protection as also in hospitals and research establishment. In all these cases, highly sophisticated and extremely expensive instruments are used to monitor and control reaction, reduce cost, meet essential standards and frequently save life. The accuracy of these instruments is a direct function of the accuracy of the Calibration Gases-the more precise the instrumentation, the greater the need of accuracy of the calibration gases. Ideally, one always desires to use the most accurate gas standard available. However, cost of the mixture rises dramatically with the rate of difficulties in preparing them and the analytical accuracy required. IIGL is well equipped with all the necessary infrastructure to meet the customer needs.

Lighting Industry

Nitrogen in Argon
Tube Light Argon
Krypton in Argon
Neon in Argon

Cement Industry

Oxygen in Nitrogen
CO in Nitrogen
Methane in Argon
Pure Nitrogen
CO + Oxygen + Nitrogen
Hydrogen in Nitrogen
Food Packaging
N2 + CO in Oxygen
Nitrogen in CO2
CO2 in Oxygen
O2 + N2 in CO2
Pure Nitrogen

Metallurgical Mixtures

Hydrogen in Nitrogen
CO + O2 in Nitrogen
CO2, CO, O2, H2, Air in Nitrogen

Medical Gases

Blood Gas Analysis Mixtures

Carbon Dioxide + N2
CO2 + O2
CO2 + O2 + N2

Lung Diffusion Test Mixtures

1000 PPM CO in O2 / N2 Mixtures
CO + Helium in O2 / N2 Mixture

Biological Atmospheres

Anaerobic Growth Mixtures
H2 + CO2 + N2
!!!Aerobic Growth Mixtures
CO2 + O2
CO2 + N2 + Helium

Pulmonary Function Test Mixtures

CO + Helium + Of + N2 Bal
!!Petrochemicals & Refineries
CO2 + N2
H2 + N2
CO + N2
Methane + Air
Propane + Propylene
Propylene + Hydrogen + CO
Ethylene + Hydrogen + Propane + Propylene
Ethane + Ethylene + Propylene + Butane + Nitrogen
I-Pentane + N - Ethane + Methane + I- Butane + N - Butane + Ethane + Propane
Ethylene + Ethane + Argon + Methane + CO + CO2 + N2 + H2
Hexane + Propylene + Propadiene + Trans-2-Butane + cis2-Butane + 1,3-Butadiene + 1- Pentane + Acetylene + 1- Butane + N- Butane + Nitrogen + CO2 + Propane + H2 + Ethylene + Ethane + Methane

Fertilizer Industry

Methane + N2
H2 + Helium
CO2 + CO + N2
CO2 + CO + Methane + Argon + N2 + H2
Ethylene + Argon + Ethane + Methane + CO + CO2 = N2 + H2
1- Butane + N- Butane + 1- Pentane + N- Pentane + N2 + Propane + CO2 + Ethane + Methane
400 PPM CO2 + 5 PPM CO + 30 PPM Methane + N2
Zero Grade N2

Laboratory Gases

Gas Chromatograph with FID

Carrier Gas : Helium + Nitrogen
Fuel Gas : H2 in N2 / He
Calibration Gas : 10 ppm CH4, 10 ppm C2H6, 10 ppm 1- 4H10

Gas Chromatograph with ECD

Carrier Gas : Methane in Argon, H2 in Helium, N2, Argon
Calibration Gas : 100 ppm Chlorine in N2

Nuclear Counter

10% CH4 in Argon, 1.3% Butane in Helium, 1.5% Propane in Helium

Inductively Coupled Plasma

Carrier Gas : Argon 5.0 and Liquid

Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Fuel Gas : H2 in N2 / He
Oxidizer : Zero Air
Calibration Gas : Methane in Air / N2 / Argon

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Fuel Gas : Acetylene, Hydrogen, Propane
Oxidizer : Zero Air
Calibration Gas : Methane in Air / N2 / Argon

Dedicated Analyzers

CO Analyzer : CO in Nitrogen
Trace Oxygen Analyzer : O2 in N2
Oxygen Analyzer : O2 in N2
Sulphur Dioxide Analyzer : SO2 in N2
Carbon Dioxide Analyzer : CO2 in N2
Nitrogen Analyzer : N2 in Argon
Zero Setting : Zero Nitrogen, Zero Argon, Zero Oxygen, Zero Hydrogen, Zero Air
Explosimeter : Propane, Methane, CO Mixtures in Air

Exhaust Emission & Atmosphere Pollution Control Gas Mixtures

CO in N2
CO2 in N2
Nitric Oxide in N2
Nitrogen Dioxide in N2
Sulphur Dioxide in N2
Hexane in N2
Propane in N3
Propane + CO in N2
Propane + CO + CO2 in N2
CO + CO2 in N2
Hydrocarbon + CO2 + Nitric Oxide + CO2 in Purified Air
Hydrocarbon + CO + Nitric Oxide + CO2 in Purified Air
Fuel Gas : Hydrogen in Air, Hydrogen in Helium CO2 + CO + Propane in N2
Synthetic Air and Zero Air