B Type Acetylene Generator

“B” TYPE This is an excellent acetylene Generator for remote installation as several operators can draw supply simultaneously. A single carbide chamber is employed in both cases, as a greater gas output is obtainable than is possible when a small carbide charge is split-up into two chambers. Our experience of over several decades shows that the advantages claimed for two chambers cannot be substantiated with a generator of less than 30 lbs. Carbide capacity. Very small chambers merely lead to excessive labor in charging, and as in many makes the feed will not automatically change from chamber No.2 back to No.1, the supposed advantage of continuity of gas supply is not attained. All our Generators approved by the Government of India and conforming to IS 8471, UL 408, TRAC-203 & NFPA-51A.

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Salient Features

  • Compact

  • No Installation Required

  • No Maintenance Required

  • Any Size Of Calcium Carbide Can Be Used

Additional Information

Particulars Model B-0 Model B-1 Model B-2
Carbide charge in each chamber (Kg)
Maximum output per hour (liters) 608 1094 2432
Total output per hour (liters)85114593648
Number of carbide chamber112
Gas Holder Capacity (liters)76110322
Gas output line (mm)152025

Weight & Dimensions

Particulars Model B-0 Model B-1 Model B-2
Weight Empty (Kg)90102243
Shipping dimension (mm)1219X762X7621295X838X7871524X1016X990
Tank (mm)432 dia X940 508 diaX1016 762 diaX 1245
Overall assembled height (mm)160017532159
Floor Space (mm)686 X 686 762 X 762 1092 X 1092

All dimensions and specifications above are notional and shall be changed as and when required by the manufacturer.