On-Site Plant Operations and Safety Auditing

On-site plant operations and safety auditing services compare actual operating practices to International industrial gases Customer this is a customized solution designed in accordance with Customer inputs. During this audit, International industrial gases provides an objective third party review of the efficiency and safety practices employed by operators.
Scope of Audit
When providing this audit service, we thoroughly audit:

  • Plant Operations
  • Safety Procedures
  • All International industrial Gases’ Equipment

Processes Audited

This service focuses on International industrial gases’ Medium Pressure Plant Operations including:

  • Start-up
  • Cylinder Filling
  • Equipment Checks
  • Shutdown Processes

As a result of the audit, a report of findings is provided that highlights gaps in safety practices and procedures, recommendations for corrective actions, and equipment upgrade options to improve safety and/or efficiency in operations.

Why to have International industrial gases Acetylene Plant Audit

As a part of international industrial gases’ commitment to customer service, free audits are provided which focus on important safety issues and identifying efficiency opportunities. This review of a plant audit is specific to one location but the areas identified are common across the majority of audits that are completed. In this study, the areas identified are related to fittings used in the system, high pressure driers, and cylinder leads. The summary of the document includes solutions to each of the areas identified in the audit.